Print Purchases
Please email me through the Contact form above, with the print number you wish to purchase, and I will quickly arrange for payment and shipment, or personal delivery if more convenient.  While not ideal from a checkout perspective, I have elected to go the more personalized route to save the customary 8-20+% many web merchant services like to charge artists and patrons.  Who knows, we might have a great conversation or a lively email exchange!
I accept all forms of credit card payment through Square, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, foreign currency, cash/check, gold/silver (make arrangements, exchange rates apply).  All prints are priced are in US Dollars.  Value Added Tax (VAT), import duties, fees, and tariffs, along with other local city, province, or state sales taxes which are not always easily accessible, are the responsibility of the purchaser.  For most US domestic purchases by credit card, I will have Square calculate and collect any necessary sales tax.

Gallery Representation
If you are more comfortable purchasing through a recognized source, all of my monthly print and historical galleries for review are also available through the top online gallery in the world, Saatchi Art -  
Saatchi is the only online or physical gallery (The Other Art Fair) I distribute through in any significant manner, outside or this site.  Please note that prices on Saatchi are adjusted for their gallery mark-up, and may have slightly different shipping costs than what is outlined below.
I am also a supporting member at LightBox Photographic Gallery in Astoria, OR, with occasional single prints on display and available for purchase through the gallery.  LightBox is one of the few remaining galleries anywhere that is strictly dedicated to photography, and they represent a great mix of excellent photographers, supporting all photographic styles and mediums.  I encourage any serious photographer or collector to give Michael a call for a gallery visit if you're ever in Astoria.  Plus, my father frequently has prints on display at LightBox - I encourage you to also check out his unique work and style at, and be on the lookout for a possible father/son show.

Pricing - All Single Edition, 1 of 1 Prints
(Effective April 1, 2021)
Pricing is meant to encourage and greatly reward early collectors of my prints, editioned 1 of 1, as true originals.  My new release print prices are clearly marked under each image, and follow these general size, printing process, and price guidelines (updated quarterly based on inflation in silver paper prices):
Archival Pigment Prints
Small < 8x10" $475
8x10" to 11x14" $650
11x14" to 17x22"  $850
17x22" to 24x30" $1,600
24x30" to 30x40" $2,000
30x40" to 40x60"  $3,500
Mural > 40x60" - Custom Pricing

Silver Gelatin
Small < 8x10" $2,100
8x10" to 11x14" $2,850
11x14" to 16x20"  $3,500
16x20" to 24x30" $7,250
24x30" to 30x40"+ $11,000 and up

Print Process, Size & Mounting
Great care is taken to express original subject matter and light in all my artwork, with a minimum of darkroom or digital editing.  Nearly all my photographs, even if an abstract that appears to be edited, are 'straight' photographs with any subject matter or intentional camera movements exposed in the original image.  If any post editing or collage work is performed, it will clearly be indicated, and is likely to be included in a different non-photographic exhibit section of my artwork.
I believe an important part of the artistic process is to determine the proper size for a piece of art to convey what I seek to evoke from my original vision and in the viewer.  Because all new editions of my work after August 1, 2019 will only have one print in existence, they will never be printed larger or smaller in a separate edition - you own the only editioned print, at any size.  While most of my prints are at or very close to standard sizes, some prints may be in square, rectangular, or other formats that are non-standard.  Each print size is clearly marked in the description to the nearest quarter inch.
All artwork up to 17x22" is generally mounted on acid-free, museum quality, minimum 4, 6, or 8-ply white mount board, with a museum quality cut-out over-mat window, (if requested).  Larger works, close to 24x30" or over, will be signed on the paper edge, and shipped in an archival tube.  I understand many color works look better when mounted and framed differently than traditional black & white images - I'm very flexible and will accommodate most reasonable requests for custom mounting and framing, and I will be very up-front about and pricing differentials if you elect custom framing or matting.

Framing & Shipping
In working with many collectors over the years, I have realized that matting and framing is a very personal decision based on the décor of your home, gallery, or other public space.  Every print is mounted on pure white, archival, museum quality board, with ample 'float' or space for back-mounting or hinge mounting to any type of mat cut-out window and most frame sizes.
If you would like assistance in selecting or building a custom frame for your new image, I have preferred artist pricing with many frame providers throughout the US.  Please indicate when you contact me if you would like custom framing assistance.  The typical range is $75-150 for smaller works, up to $250-400 for large frames up to 30x40.  Experience has taught me to not to ship glass and framed works over 30" in size, and opt for rolled prints to be tube shipped and mounted locally.
I will ship to anywhere in the world that accepts FedEx, UPS, or another recognized delivery service.  Typical shipping time from cleared payment is 5-7 days domestically, up to 12-15 days internationally, depending on your preferred carrier.  I ship in a rigid box up to a reasonable size, then most prints over 30" on one edge must be shipped in a tube.
Domestic US shipping  for matted prints will range from $45-50 for smaller prints, up to $100-125 for large prints.  Most tube shipments are in the $50-75 range, insured.  If you are purchasing multiple prints, I will ship together, and many times will pick up the shipping cost on larger acquisitions or very large prints.  If you're a repeat collector, shipping is almost always on me.

Benefits for Early Collectors and My New Process
The first 33 collectors to purchase my art after April 1, 2021, will have access to preview and purchase my pure original artworks and portfolios in a pre-exhibit fashion, forever, in order of purchase.  This benefit will exist for my lifetime, which I plan on being at least another 50+ years, and will be transferrable at your discretion.

Editioning, Provenance & Secondary Market
Every single print and portfolio I exhibit for purchase monthly after April 1, 2021 is 1 of 1, an single editioned original. I do make occasional single artist proofs (AP) for my personal collection, which have no marketable value, listed as not for sale - there is only one made, and they are assigned when gifted in a non-transferrable copyright contract to protect my collectors.  My estate also has specific instructions through a copyright contract that all of my images are never to be reproduced beyond the original editioned 1 of 1, original prints.  The only places you'll see a likeness to your editioned original artwork is on my walls or a with a collaborator who has been gifted an artist proof that cannot be resold, limited edition book releases of my work examples, and gallery or exhibit materials.
Prints in larger exhibits (30-100+ prints) are generally available for 1-2 months, with smaller exhibits (10-30 prints) only available for one month.  Unsold prints after the exhibit period are no longer for sale, and are removed in a fun 'creative destruction' process, which will be documented on my blog and other posts.  Every print has a unique serial number along with an original, signed certificate of authenticity.  I am actively developing a unique NFT Crypto token associated with each print to assure provenance.
I had previously sold editioned works between 1986 and 2018, always 5-10 prints or less in a series, and these historical releases are clearly marked as limited editions.  To help prior and current collectors with provenance verification, I maintain secure detailed records of direct purchases, along with instructions and resources for my estate to continue the provenance confirmation process.
I encourage any new owners looking to purchase my artwork in the secondary market to be registered directly with me.  I will always help to facilitate purchases between collectors of my works, taking no gallery fee or commissions, outside of merchant fees for card transaction security.  If you are on my contact and email list as a current or future collector, please look for invites to some great social gatherings I hold a few times each year.  This is when my artwork will only be available for an evening, or where you'll be able to trade or purchase existing works - I might just invite some other incredible, undiscovered or established artists as well.

I understand that sometimes a print just doesn't look exactly the same on a web page as it does on your favorite wall.  I accept returns within 15 days of shipping receipt, with the return price, minus any shipping fees applied back to your original form of payment.  If an item is ever damaged in shipment (rare, but it happens) - I will work with you to return the damaged item, and get you a fresh single-editioned print as quickly as possible.

Art & Photography Advisory Services
As an avid collector of all types of art and photography, I'm happy to assist in helping you make a selection out of my exhibits, personal photography collection, or from other well-known artist and gallery sources.  I have contacts throughout the photographic and art community, and I'm happy to help my collectors out, even if I don't currently have an ideal artwork available to meet your needs.  If you're looking to fill a new house, a second home, an office, or other public space as a larger project, please contact me with plenty of lead-time to arrange a consultation for a project plan.
I have had a day gig for over 25 years in the investment and retirement plan advisory space.  Part of my advisory services, where I get an immense amount of enjoyment, is to help art collectors identify and support excellent, frequently undiscovered, creators while finding deep value in all mediums of art.  I work best with collectors who first resonate with art or a particular medium, then make the intelligent purchase price or investment as an important but secondary consideration.  My goal is to best match a collector's love and passion for a certain style, all within an investment budget, while acquiring or trading for works that will have significant intrinsic value over long timeframes.  Since I am no longer licensed to give investment advice on securities, and art is not considered a security (to which I am grateful), I have a tremendous amount of latitude in the valuation services I can offer.  I think you'll find that I have a fine-tuned sense of determining intrinsic current and potential value in artworks, combined with an eye for recognizing unique, excellent creators.
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